About Us

Alaka Infotech is a leading IT Organisation of Northern Odisha Town of Baripada.

According to us, Technology is best used when it has a purpose to serve people and enterprises world wide . We strongly adhere to this guideline and develope products and solutions that work towards making a better transparent,safer and more efficient workplace for everyone . We have a very well trained technical team of web developer and designer,software and mobile application developer to give latest technical services .

Our team members are highly skilled and are capable of developing any kind of application that an organisation might need . Moreover,our global operating model allow us to deliver quality services at very competative rates.

We are here to develope software related to Mobile Application & web application, ERP, Library Management System, Inventary Management System and many more,apart from all these things we are also designing Websites, email marketing, Searchingine visiblity, SSL Certificate,ustom Custom application Development and also providing Domain Registration and Website Hosting with an affordable cost.

Our Advantages


Product Delivery

We integrate experience design with continuous delivery to quickly release and try out new ideas. We deliver Product within Time period for Clients.


Friendly Environment

We proud of its eco-friendly, serence & peaceful environment and deeply committed to upholding values sustem. it expects its students to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their responsiblity, demeanor and sense of discipline.



Our Competitive Pricing aims at creating interactive web design that stands out of crowd and provide customers responsive yet most professional online presence.

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